When Do You Need an Oral Surgeon?

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Common problems on the teeth may be easy to determine due to the pain it is causing. However, some issues of the teeth require more than just pain killers or a mouthwash.  

So how do you know if you need an oral surgeon?   

Visiting your dentist, I the best way to know if you need an oral surgeon to help you fix your oral and facial problems around the mouth area. This is because dentists are more knowledgeable about what concerns are serious and should be considered eating a surgery. Once all is cleared that you need surgery, you can then connect with a surgeon for your problem right away, especially for immediate attention cases.  

1. Impacted tooth  

A wisdom tooth may not always know what to do even if it is full of wisdom because it often has a problem of getting stuck midway as it grows. This is a problem common to many. When the wisdom teeth are stuck midway, the tooth can get impacted and may bring discomfort or pain to the concern. One factor that it contributes to oral health is teeth crowding. When the teeth in your mouth are crowded, it may not be the prettiest to look at. More than that, it may also be painful. Another would be an infection. When the wisdom tooth or teeth is impacted, the gums in the aa may become sore, causing an infection in the area. Moreover, since the teeth cannot get out, damage may not be very easy to spot; thus, removal is necessary.   

2. Issues on the jaw  

Jaws are famous assets. It provides a good edge to models, and I see it as a beautiful sight epically to men. However, when problems occur in the jaw area, it may not always be easy to look at.   

An oral surgeon is responsible for jaw problems like the popping of the jaw, accompanied by pain, stiffness, and even headaches. These symptoms are not just alarming but can become a hinder to everyday routine. That’s why addressing them is necessary.   

Yes, you can always get an ice pack to ease the pain in your jaw area. However, sometimes surgery is necessary.   

3. Overbite/underbite  

When there is a misalignment between the jaw and the teeth, surgery is recommended. This is a recommended solution by surgeons because they know a huge struggle in eating or swallowing food. More than that, it can also be paired with issues like sleep apnea. When the jaws are not aligned, it is often caused by a defect in birth. Some parts of the jaw may not be fully developed. That’s why there is a misalignment between both.   

While some of the misalignment issues are rooted in the jaw area, some have it because of teeth misalignment. When this happens, the installation of braces is advised to make the alignment possible. It provides the person of concern a better way to chew and enjoy his or her food.   

If the problem is not fixed by any non-surgical equipment that helps align, surgery is the best solution.   

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